Monday, November 26, 2012


Welcome to my newest endeavor into the world of social media! This is the uncomfortable first post of a new blog in which the author feels obliged to explain the reason they have created the blog.

Here's the short version: I love to cook.

I've been cooking for nearly all my life, and the more experienced I have become the more I have grown to absolutely love it. I want to use this blog to share my experiences, my love of food,  and some of the amazing recipes that I have (and will) come across in my cooking adventures. I certainly can't say that I'm any sort of top chef, but I do have a fair share of knowledge in what it takes to make delicious food; this knowledge I have, of course, gained from my vast consumption of various edibles.

My latest cooking project is an exploration of Christmas cookie varieties, which I have cleverly titled:

 "25 Days of Christmas Cookies"

My hope is to try a new Christmas cookie recipe every day, for the next 25 days, and to provide some insights on which are the most utterly delectable and deserving of baking for this joyous time of year!

There'll be more about that in my next post hopefully.

Thanks for tuning your browser to Full Belly!
I hope you enjoy all that is yet to come!

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